The 6 Types of Working Genius


What Brings You Joy and Energy?

Once again, Patrick Lencioni has brought simplicity to helping us be more productive with his latest book: 6 Types of Working Genius: A Better Way to Understand Your Gifts, Your Frustrations, and Your Team. In his classic fable fashion, Lencioni’s Bull Brooks stumbles upon a fast practical way to identify the type of work that brings you joy and energy and how to avoid work that leads to frustration and burnout. By identifying your Working Genius Types and just as important the Working Genius Types that frustrate the heck out of you, you can increase your productivity and bring joy back to your work.

Lencioni describes just 6 types of genius:

✅The genius of wonder
This is the natural gift of pondering the greater potential and opportunity in any given situation.

✅The genius of invention
This is the natural gift of creating original and novel ideas and solutions.

✅The genius of discernment
The natural gift of intuitively and instinctively evaluating ideas and situations.

✅The genius of galvanizing
The natural gift of rallying, inspiring, and organizing others to take action.

✅The genius of enablement
The natural gift of providing encouragement and assistance for an idea or project.

✅The genius of tenacity
The natural gift of pushing projects or tasks to completion to achieve results.

Lencioni and his Table Group have developed a 10-minute assessment to help you identify your Working Genius profile. Generally, two of these bring you joy, your Working Genius; two frustrate you, and two you have a working competency that you can do but don’t necessarily bring you joy and energy. 

There are tons of assessments that help bring clarity to our personality, job aptitude, or strengths. The Lencioni 6 Types of Working Genius is simple, practical, and easy to apply for you and your team instantly. Once again, Lencioni brings transformational learning to our work, our teams, and our lives.