Reflecting on a Most Impactful Day


Reflecting on a most impactful day with Kevin Daum and Klyn Elsbury

There were so many powerful moments from last month’s “Be More Compelling” Workshop.

Kevin taught us how to connect empathetically with our audience and engage in a way that delights them so they crave your interaction. He taught us what it takes to be considered, heard, and to matter.

Klyn inspired us with her story of cheating death by overcoming terminal Cystic Fibrosis. She shared her simple 3-step process to breaking the bonds of external circumstances in order to grow to success heights never thought possible.

It was a great workshop with many actionable takeaways.

I am proud to have Club E and Rick Brimacomb as a sponsor for this event and to have Glen Dall from Apex North Business Coaching as my co-host.

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