International Women’s Week 2022


Next week is International Women’s Week.

And at Breakthrough Impact Group, we wanted to do our part to celebrate this.

That is why we have signed up all our members for an exclusive membership with The Growth Faculty.

Even if you do not have a membership, from the 7th-11th of March, The Growth Faculty is hosting FREE virtual events with women who are experts in their field.

Sharing expertise, experience, and inspiring stories, women from business leaders to diverse executives will be sharing their wisdom.

Next week is a week to be inspired and to learn from some amazing women.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this experience.

Send me a message at to start your BiG membership today so you have access to all the amazing future events and masterclasses with The Growth Faculty.

Otherwise, feel free to check out the FREE schedule for International Women’s week here, so you can get a feel for what full membership is like.