Sailing Away


How is your team sailing these days?

Recently, I took some personal time off to go sailing.

Myself and 26 of my close personal friends set sail for the 42nd Annual Chase the Wind Event.

For 42 years, my good friend Steve Kairies and his team have hosted the event.

Over that time they have gotten the logistics of Chase the Wind down pat.

There’s only one thing they have never been able to control…the wind.

Fortunately for us, we had near perfect conditions for our two-day trip around the Apostle Islands.

The trip got me thinking…

A sailing team is a perfect microcosm for businesses.

You need a reliable captain at the helm and each crew member has a specific job they must perform at the right time with precision.

A certain amount of training is required for each job and the captain must be knowledgeable and proficient at all jobs.

If you need help creating a strong crew, Breakthrough Impact Group can help.