Alex Cross Lives


How many books have you read in the last month? 

I’ve read 26!

Well, I’ve binged the Alex Cross series on Audible.

Some people binge Netflix series, I binge audiobooks.

In 1993, James Patterson first introduced us to Alex Cross in Along Came A Spider and the rest is history…

But what can we learn from a franchise that has sold over 300 million books?

– If you know your core customer, you can deliver a product they are willing to pay a premium price for.

– Even with a dedicated fanbase, it’s always best to leave people wanting more.

– Strive to be unique over the best. Even a critic quoting his writing as ‘terrible’ didn’t stop Patterson from selling over 250 books.

– Success can come from collaboration. Pattison has co-authored multiple books to build his brand.

Do you continuously explore ways to expand your success?

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