Book Review: Risk Forward


Have you driven your gut and intuition out of your life? 

I recently read… “Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius” by Victoria Labalme.

Some people in life know exactly what they want to achieve. “This is a book for the rest of us”- says Labalme about her book.

You may be driven by your head or you may be driven by your heart. Labalme most definitely listens to and is driven by her heart.

While I do in fact have a heart that I often wear on my sleeve…

…this book challenged me to question whether I had allowed my head to take full control over my life and business decisions?

I have said that I decided not to get an MBA because I thought business school might push the common sense out of me. 
I now fear all my study and training in strategic thinking and execution planning has caused the focus on process and misplaced my intuition.

Here is what you do to keep intuition in your processes:
✔ Be aware when process drives out heart and intuition
✔ Pause, what have you missed?
✔ Does this decision, plan feels right in your gut
✔ Listen to the quiet voices in the room
✔ This is too important not to have a disagreement, who’s your natural or assigned devil’s advocate?
✔ Listen to your heart!!!

In her easy-to-read style, Labalme describes her amazing life without a plan or drive to achieve a set goal.

To what extent does your determination to build and push a plan, suck out all sense of gut and intuition?