My 2021 has been a wicked health journey. I started the year with 28 days in the hospital with a blood infection that shut down my body, took out my artificial aortic valve, which required open-heart surgery, stopped my kidney for a month, and chewed away part of my heart that caused me to have a pacemaker. Recovery 110% back on bike building back my cardio base every day.

If that wasn’t enough, a month ago a visit to the dermatologist discovered an intermediate stage melanoma on the top of my head. Doctors are careful not to use the word but melanoma is CANCER. The C-word scared me more than having open-heart surgery. I had surgery to remove the spot on Tuesday.

The doctor called yesterday with great news. I don’t cry but this call was such a relief, it made my eyeballs sweat for a solid 15 minutes.

Melanoma completely excised from my scalp, less than originally thought.

Most importantly lymph nodes completely clean. No further treatment is needed. I’m cancer-free.

The Thistle persists. I have adopted the Thistle as my official flower, it has a handsome flower, a bit prickly, exceptionally persistent, and very hard to eradicate.

CANCER SUCKS, get those regular checkups. I neglected to have this spot checked for too long and was lucky. The advances in cancer treatment have been extraordinary, just get checked.

Men, you know what you need, women your challenges are different but get checked.


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