A Cosmic Perspective on Civilization


Neil deGrasse Tyson, shines his astrophysics disciplines on the much divided, even polarized, cultural and political fault lines of our times in a way that encourages us to a place of greater unity. His scientific perspective and cosmic viewpoint challenge the reader to see the world and its conflicts from a different perspective.

Tyson acknowledges the bias that each of us brings to the table of any discussion but tests those assumptions in a way that should not bring offense. He approaches each issue from a scientific perspective, what are the facts without judgmental comments. He acknowledges the role of emotion and makes great examples of how emotions have driven huge political decisions over the science that might call for a more measured response or even a different priority. His common objection is when people taint the facts with their emotional twists. He would not take emotion out of the discussion, just asking that facts be acknowledged and agreed upon, understanding there may always be contrary evidence.

He has often been pilloried for social media posts that recite facts when emotions are not yet ready for an objective perspective. He keeps a file of posts he has withdrawn after the controversy they fostered. He accepts those situations as his failure as a teacher to understand his audience and communicate his message.

Tyson is a great storyteller and brings his passion for living and optimism for humanity to every situation. Good read, it would be nice if it brought our polarized society closer together on things that matter most.