Be More Compelling


The noise today is deafening…

News and information hits constantly from 40 different sources, many like Tik Tok and Instagram are beyond the capability and time constraints of busy, productive people. Your own messaging, to customers, employees, and even family, is lost in the chaos, or just plain ignored.

What does it take to be considered, heard, to matter?

It’s simple…

You need to be more compelling! You need to connect empathically with your audience and engage them in a way that delights them so they crave your interaction.

Come spend half a day learning from extraordinary experts, Kevin Daum and Klyn Elsbury, on how to break your mundane patterns and command the attention you deserve.

I am proud to be partnering up with Glen Dall from Apex North Business Coaching on this event and to have Club E and Rick Brimacomb as a sponsor.