The 12-Hour Walk


How do you unlock your best life, unconstrained by your self-limiting mindset? 

Colin O’Brady is a self-described athlete and entrepreneur. He also is a ten-time world record-breaking explorer. He achieved the first solo, unsupported, and fully human-powered crossing of Antarctica. That adventure was detailed in his best-selling book, The Impossible First. 

In true entrepreneur fashion, he once took every cent he and his new wife had to purchase a website in hopes of garnering support for his first mega-adventure. What followed were hundreds of meetings that finished in “Good Luck,” the nice no thanks. Not until a chance encounter at a spinning class did his passion show through rather than selling and he received his first meaningful financial supporter. The rest is history.

The 12-Hour Walk retells the hardships and triumphs of his many adventures. Many reviews speak to his crafty storytelling and how he made the impossible possible. These reviewers missed the point. This book is not about O’Brady, it is about YOU. How do you unlock your best life, unconstrained by your self-limiting mindset? “I don’t have enough time…I don’t have enough money…I’m afraid to fail…I don’t have what it takes—we allow these limiting beliefs to control us.” 

O’Brady challenges us to rate our days on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being your worst day ever and 10 being your best. He suggested without the struggles of a few 1’s we will never experience a 10. Most of us are stuck in what he calls a life of comfortable complacency, 4 to 6. Content, perhaps, but are we really happy?

The 12-Hour Walk is a guidebook to help you identify your Mt. Everest and overcome your limiting beliefs. Your one-day 12-hour walk will be the journey that will unlock your best life, whatever that may be for you. “By walking alone, unplugging, listening to the voice within, and rewriting the limiting beliefs etched into your psyche, you can break free of the patterns holding you back and learn how to cultivate a “Possible Mindset”—an empowered way of thinking that unlocks a life of limitless possibilities.”

O’Brady’s new Mt Everest is to empower 10 million people to take a 12-hour walk to unleash their full potential. At


 you can register the date for your 12-hour walk. Mine is set, when are you going to invest 12 hours into your full potential?