Who doesn’t want to save time, reduce errors, and truly scale your business?

, in his book SYSTEMology: Create Time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems, brings super practical, actionable systems to systems. 

Too often we have a process whether you want to admit it or not, but it is not documented. If you are the business owner and you have an undocumented process, the process starts and ends with you. It is not transferable. It is not scalable if it is in your head.

SYSTEMology does what its title suggests it will:

✅Create time
✅Reduce errors
✅Allow profits to scale

SYSTEMology targets business owners who feel they are drowning and trapped by their business.  Whether you are a systems wonk or the one who dreads documenting processes, SYSTEMology will help.
Jenyns starts with the simplest of processes, the sale of one item to your absolute best customer. Not a market segment or an array of products, just one product to one specific customer. Easy peasy, you just documented your first system.

As one might expect, a system person brings a system to building systems. His clearly stated, easy-to-follow seven-step process is a useful practical actionable pathway to save time, reduce errors and truly scale your business. 

No matter how smoothly your business runs, SYSTEMology will bring you freedom and peace of mind. 

A great read for anyone who has a process that could be documented or improved.