Full Health & Vitality


What does full health and vitality mean to you?

This month I turned 65, no big deal except I get more senior discounts. I’m always flattered when the clerk assumes I’m too young for the discount. I will say signing up for Medicare felt a little like someone taking away my driver’s license. Easy to sign up but hard for me because not many choices, the government tells you what you will get.

In 2021, when I started the year with open-heart surgery, kidney failure for a month, cancer, and nerve surgery on both hands, I feel better than I did at 40. Chris Crowley in Younger Next Year declares Age is Inevitable, Decay is a Choice. I choose not to DECAY!

I was doing pretty good in my cardiac rehab until winter when I had nerve surgery on both hands. Primarily cycling for fitness, I could not ride my bike for a couple of months and just never seemed to get back out there.

Shout out to Dave Dahl, our beloved retired weather guy, and his partner, Lisa Lanz. Having lunch below my office at Lolo’s, I strike up a conversation with Dave Dahl. Great guy, soon he is joined by his partner, Lisa Lanz. Lisa is the owner of Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping in Hudson, WI. Searching for that thing to kickstart my return to full health and vitality, Lisa shares the FXB program, and the next day I sign up. Extreme Bodyshaping sounds a bit EXTREME but the extreme comes in the results. FXB takes you from wherever you are and helps you be the best you can be.

What an amazing community! After cycling alone for 4 years and 2 years of Covid isolation, I welcomed the comradery of an exercise community. On the first day, I was warmly welcomed by several members and encouraged to stick with it. Those same people and many others have encouraged me with every visit. So many have seen amazing transformations through the FXB program, it is truly inspiring. I am just starting one of their 10-week challenges. A total solution, with nutrition, accountability, cardio, strength, and stretching exercises. An added bonus for me is a 10-week challenge. They had me at challenge. They provide the Playbook, Scorecard, and Coaching that every high-performance athlete and team has.

I’ll share my progress from time to time. I was blessed with lifesaving health professionals. Several told me I would not have survived but for the great shape I was in. I do not expect to repeat 2021, but I do expect to take full advantage of the gift I received and live with full health and vitality.