8 Important Lessons Learned From ‘Wrong’ Business Decisions


What is the best way to learn? To fail, of course. 

Many people believe that is counterproductive but I could not disagree more.

For years, I have been helping business owners achieve successful growth.

And many of these successes have been achieved through failure.

Whether it is personal or learned from others, learning how to do something wrong is a great way to ensure you only ever do it right from now on.

Now, I am not saying that failing at something at first is the only way to succeed.

This post is simply a reminder that failure is disheartening but it is not the end of the world.

Forbes has published a brilliant article on some important lessons that have been learned from ‘wrong’ business decisions.

Articles like this are a great way to keep us business owners grounded and remember that nobody is perfect.

And that is the best thing about us.