The Emerald Mile


When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?

The Emerald Mile is one man’s story of being pushed to his limits when traveling via raft through the grand canyon.

If the story was not epic enough, his journey was dangerously propelled by the Colorado River floods in the Spring of 1983.

Kenton Gura stared danger in the face and took advantage of this tremendous event to propel his small wooden boat down the Grand Canyon in record time.

This book has everything.

– Engrossing history
– High stakes drama
– Catastrophic failure of a dam
– Political intrigue

A great read whether you are a lover of whitewater rafting or not.

It’s important to continue challenging ourselves and our ways of thinking.

Some of the most magnificent discoveries have been made that way.

We have to take advantage of any and every opportunity that presents itself to us even if it scares us.

Have you done anything recently that scared you?