Dogs are a man’s best friend…


…and apparently also Lewis and Clark’s!

Seaman, a newfound pup, was Merriweather Lewis’ trusted companion throughout their entire expedition.
The Captain’s Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe by Roland Smith is…
– Captivating
– Exciting
– Wholesome
– Heartwarming
Merriweather Lewis was handpicked and trained by Thomas Jefferson to chart the Louisiana Purchase.
Of course, he could not do this alone.
Smith recounts the expedition from a four-legged view, treating us to a perspective even Lewis did not observe.
This is not just a children’s book.
It is a story for anyone who is young at heart.
It’s worth the easy read and a great way to introduce the kids to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Who in your life has helped you accomplish some of your greatest adventures (so far)?