Grand Masters


You should always surround yourself with people who challenge you.

My people are the Mastermind Group – literally the best business coaches in the world.

Recently, we met in Minneapolis for 4 days of intense growth, too much food, and great comradery.

For over 10 years, we have met virtually once a month and annually get together to share ideas, feedback, and challenge each other in the most positive way possible.

So, I ask you…

Who do you rely on for:

– Honest feedback
– Noting your Blind spots
– Experiences beyond your own
– Challenging your assumptions
– Bringing a different perspective
– Helping identify the next right answer
– A much-needed shoulder in times of stress
– Being a cheerleader when you have a big win

Breakthrough Impact Group brings together business owners looking to be challenged.

If you think you would benefit from a posse, please reach out.

Tough love can do a lot for a person and a business.