The Hero Code


Who has been a hero in your life and/or business?

I’ll admit that Admiral William H. McRaven is one of my heroes and I love his books.

When young Bill McRaven was growing up, he dreamed of being a superhero. On a trip to New York City with his dad, he kept looking for the caped crusader, only to have his dad explain that it was that policeman over there who protected the city.

The Hero Code is dedicated to health care workers and public servants who are heroes.

It shares how each of us can and should be a hero.

As only McRaven can, in his voice of experience, he masterfully articulates The Hero Code. 

McRaven is a man of faith and shares that throughout his books.

No matter what you believe, the message should ring true if you care about the world and those who live on it.

Thank you, Admiral McRaven, for your service.

Thank you for being a man who lives by The Hero Code and thank you for sharing your thoughts.