Mastermind R’Us


Are you a member of any peer groups?

Starting today, I will be hosting my business coaching Mastermind Group here in Minneapolis. I have belonged to several coaching organizations and know hundreds of business coaches from around the world. I can honestly say these are the best of the best. I learn from them every moment we interact. I have often wondered how I made it into this remarkable group.

If you are not part of a group of peers who meet regularly to co-elevate each other, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. 


What makes a great Mastermind Group?

✅ Curated group. The makeup of the group cannot be left to chance. My #1 absolute is being other-centered. If you come expecting it to be all about you, you will be disappointed. 
✅ Facilitated. Without professional facilitation, things can quickly devolve to a gripe session or coffee clutch.
✅ No competitors. To allow open discussion, best to keep competitors or even key suppliers out of the room.
✅ Confidentiality. What’s said in the room stays in the room. No exceptions. Having facilitated hundreds of these meetings, I have never had confidence breached. It was just a given, no signed NDA.
✅ Common Goals. That may be growth, common discipline, industry-based whatever. It does not work if some are looking for a lifestyle business while others are trying to grow 20-30% a year. 
✅Common Language. I’m not talking about English but a common business platform for growth (i.e. One Page Plan) elevates the conversation as the group can dig deeper on any given topic.
✅Diversity. Here I mean diversity of size and experience.  Granted the $100 MM company may have little to learn from the start-up but on many things size does not matter. Different sizes, different places in the growth curve, different industries, and different gender and age can add depth of experiences to the table. Part of any Mastermind group is being asked questions from a different perspective.
✅ Curiosity. Curiosity drives the group to constant improvement.

My Mastermind Group has been together for over 10 years. We come from across North America so meet via Zoom once a month. Attendance is mandatory unless you are attending a funeral, your own. 

We are all professional facilitators, so we rotate facilitation twice a year. We have a set agenda with an online tool to help with preparation. The meetings are fast-paced, as Pat Lencioni would say we get “naked.”  Because we have come to know each other so well, you cannot BS the group, we see right through it so you might as well be honest and it’s safe to be vulnerable. Everyone has at some point.

Breakthrough Impact Group is here to provide a curated, facilitated peer group for business owners. We add team coaching to help drive learning to your team. Learning is a constant. We all learn from others and share our individual learning with the group. 

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