Pick Your Friends Wisely


Who is in your posse? Do you have a community that cares about you, challenges you, and has your back no matter what?

I have been blessed with an amazing collection of friends and colleagues from around the world. 

This week I’m spending a couple of days in Vancouver Washington with a few of my coaching friends. We typically get together 2-3 times a year but with Covid, we have been meeting virtually for a year and a half. First in-person gathering in way too long. 

In August, I have my Mastermind Group coming to Minneapolis for a couple of days of learning and hopefully fun and frivolity.

I am a proud member of two international coaching communities and a Mastermind Group. These groups are by invitation only and handpicked for alignment of core values but are so rich with super-smart other-centered individuals. Every encounter is a post-graduate level education on business and more importantly life.

We flew by Mount Hood on our way to Portland International Airport. Prominent in so many horizon views in the area. Clear skies, what a great distraction. A nice reminder of the Summits we all strive for. Summiting is so much easier with a supportive peer group. 

Breakthrough Impact Group (BiG) was designed to be that supportive peer group of business owners who have been there done that. During our last roundtable meeting, a question came up about how to get the most out of a tradeshow. The conversation co-elevated all of us. The breadth of experiences was so useful. 

We should all learn from mistakes, they don’t have to be our own.