Jeff’s Weekly Book Review


Jeff Redmon‘s Weekly Book Review: “Culture by Design” by David J. Friedman. Jeff was first introduced to Friedman at his Gravitas Impact Coaches Summit earlier in June and found him to be an excellent speaker and a powerful advocate of “Culture by Design”.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch,” was thought to be initially declared by Peter Ducker, the father of modern management. Every group of people assembled has a culture, whether it’s your family, bowling team, book club, or your company. But how many groups have a culture by design? How would you go about building a culture by design?
CEOs report that culture is critical to the success of their business. Yet, while they most certainly have a sales plan and metrics, how many companies have a culture plan to create the culture they want to have by design?
“Culture by Design” shares how to build a high-performance culture, even in the new remote work environments. Rather than defining culture by lofty words posted on the wall, Friedman uses a straightforward, very practical framework, and challenges us to define our culture by agreed-upon behaviors that he calls Fundamentals. It’s not what we say, it’s what we do!
Friedman generously shares an 8-Step Framework to build the culture you want to have. Every week you build and reinforce the behaviors for your culture by design. Defining a list of expected behaviors is simple, brilliant, and completely doable.

What behaviors define your culture? Do you have a culture by design or happenstance?


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