Increasing Your B2B Sales in a Rapidly Changing World


Please join fellow business owners on Wed 6/2 at 8 AM (CST) for Graham Riley’s insights followed by a Q&A session. 

About this event

If you and your clients are active on LinkedIn and a conversation is required to close the sale then this is for you. This session will equip you to generate inquiries from LinkedIn without any pushy tactics with a proven system to attract and convert clients.

Social selling on LinkedIn isn’t hard but it is different. You can build relationships, initiate conversations and attract clients through what you are putting out there – content shared via your Profile or Company Page in the form of Comments, Posts, and Articles.

We’ll show you exactly how to use the platform to increase your brand awareness and give you a clear roadmap of how to create conversations with your ideal clients and convert them into customers.

If you’re a business owner, sales leader, or entrepreneur who‘s found it challenging to generate new clients this session discusses the key elements for developing a successful customer acquisition process.

Graham is a pioneer in the blending of Personal Branding, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Content Marketing, and Lead Generation Campaigns as a managed service; empowering business owners and sales teams to have more meaningful conversations with potential clients and key influencers.

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